Banned for Eac alert

My Current ingame Name: Kon

My SteamID(Optional) :

Banreason: I was banned because I had an eac alert on my steam acc which i got bc i used No-recoil scripts which i didn’t know were bannable at that time and i downloaded this rust to be able to play again with no scripts whatsoever but now i got banned bc i used to use scripts in the real rust wtf?

Server(Van/Mod): Vanilla

Also not trying to blame u guys or something but most of the people i played with told me they were banned in the real rust for using scripts but they are still playing till now so why didn’t u guys ban them?

Accepted for Reprieve.
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(( you should still have the launcher, that you can use, the download of the launcher is not avalible right now))
– Also:
Some players may have been banned on legit rust for using something automaticly, which is not too hard because on legit Rust, VAC and EAC are both active.

On our Servers we have to do all that manually, reviewing reports, checking players, and potentinally ban. Its not that easy, even as i further try to give us an easier time with that , theres always manual work needed.