Banned for fuck you by jkoko

My Current ingame Name: telephone pole

My SteamID(Optional) :

Banreason: FUCK YOU!!

Server(Van/Mod): rusticaland vanilla

after getting told by every admin and crushed himself that i have proof of these dm’s jkoko has still banned me 2 times after the fact of crushed saying i could play bc “IM N1 ADMIN” i have dm proof of jkoko just being a complete cunt when i was nothing but polite to him the whole time i never once yelled at him or got angry at him i just wanted answers , for 2 years jkoko has targeted me and its for something i still dont know the answer too

well …
I m CUNT ??!
I am this CUNT who banned you for life !!!
you should stop bothering us … especially Crushed!
Ban Appeal DENIED!

banned for what? just because your upset i disagree’d with you? you still think i cheat lmao you would ban every player on rustafied if you knew shit about how the game is played

I just love how jkoko has been so blind for so many years, years of hated fuel his veins because hes upset that im legit , video of me showing 5 years of skill

pffffffffffffffffffff LOL!!
good luck!