Banned for using Custom Resolution Utility

My Current ingame Name: JD kurwe

My SteamID(Optional) : /76561198985858433/

Banreason: I had this program called Custom Resolution Utility you can basically change to whatever resolution you want, so i used it on cracked rust got on a Rusticaland server, and then i got banned for Cheat Detected! Sadly i cannot find my original account that i got banned on, because i saw that its safer making an alt account so i dont get actual game bans, so i have lost my main account that i got banned on, and am trying to play with my friends again, so if its possible to unban me, i would be very happy, and i have something called SuperDome Ban evade on this account that i placed, i just tried logging in with an other account, guess it doesnt work

Server(Van/Mod): Van

unbanned. i saw u already using the launcher. good.