Banned Instantly before doing anything

My Current ingame Name:
I don’t really know where to find that, all I know is my steam account name and ID
My SteamID(Optional) :
freestuffs2 ID#: 76561199128176274
Possibly because I am using a vm. This is my first time trying a crack and trying rust so I didn’t trust it too much. But it seems to work alright except for the part where I can’t play on any main servers. I am not using any cheats and will never do so. I just wanted to try out cracked servers but got instantly banned.
Server(Van/Mod): Not super sure what this means but it says I was using cheat #911 and I am banned on all servers.

I also tried a different account out of the vm to see if I could play and it could detect I wasn’t cheating or anything but it just banned me for ban evading :(. That account is called simplenoob2021 ID: 76561199128344723. I hope you will unban me because I am just trying to experience rust. Anyway, have a good day.