I'm really sorry for breaking the rules

My Current ingame Name:bruh

My SteamID(Optional) : 76561198850986950

Banreason: using vpn “mostly what i think the reason”
Server(Van/Mod): rustberg #1 ,#2 ,#3 …i think its vanilla idk

i use vpn most of my time cause that was my work had me to do and i forgot to turn it off while joining the game then suddenly i get disconnected and i got something called banned for cheating #203 …i swear if i get unbanned i will try to stop breaking rules again but i miss this game so much

“Edit” sorry but i don’t want to lie…i used aimbot once before but i didn’t get ban at that time and i stopped its been like 8 months because it wasnt fun but when i got banned i was using vpn so im confused… thought i would add that idk

Rustberg are not our servers.
We cannot do anything about this.