Reprieve System

Since there are already a bunch of ban appeals,
plus the missing time to process all these,
we will indtroduce to you a System, that allows you
to get rid of your ban, and let you play again on probation.

Initially , you dont need todo anything.
But if your appeal got accepted for Reprieve,
the next time you want to join the Server, you will have to use our launcher.
The launcher ,you can download of our Website.

If you appeal, and you get accepted for Reprieve,
you should be sure, that you are honestly playing legit and not cheating in any form,
also be aware, that if you get Banned again, with the reprieve status,
The ban will be final, and no false ban or an error on our side.

TLDR; If your post got the “Reprieve” Badge , you can play again under these conditions.