Rust Launcher Problem

Hey I need help with the Rust launcher it will not download the update it is just stuck I am wondering if it just takes long or if there is a problem with the launcher currently
Ive Provided a screenshot of the problem below

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Its been like this for 2 hours

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It mostly depends on speed of your disk drive (HDD or SSD) and your internet bandwith.
If its stuck for too long. Try permanently deleting all files, restart your computer, and redownloading full client from one of the options on website.

i saw this problem sometimes. the updater is still a work in progress.
Its true that it takes a while if its standing still on " Creating hashes" etc.
Not on this message you got.
What you can try-
Clicking on “Cleanup” on the menu, restart the launcher and try again. Or yes. just download full client.

Ive implementet a Error reporter into the launcher, so, all issues will get fixed with a bit time,