Rusticaland skins

Today i was browsing your sites and i noticed u had skinpack what does not work now. My question is… What happened to the skinpack, there are no updates and i think skins will totally boost this community. Thx for rusticaland btw <3

sorry for english its not so good :slight_smile:

The Skinpack, we created a while back, when skins first came in.
To offer all those skins on our cracked server.

But since Facepunch included all “Official Accepted Skins” within the client, this got obsolete.

Means, within rust, theres already all accepted skins working,
for all workshop skins, you will need the official client ( But then , also all other skins will work)

Further, we COULD make a skinpack , including ALL skins, but that would be more then ~30-60GB .
Thats too much.