Wrong connection error: Client update required!

Hello, I am trying to make a public server but whenever I try to connect to it, I get getting and get presented with this error:

From what I understood, my game is outdated and I must update it to enter the server. But I cannot find any rust v2274 versions in the website. So what should I do?

Should I wait or is there any other way I can fix it? such as downgrading the server client or something.


Sorry for the late reply.
The latest version ( Christmas update ) is out since 1-2 days.
I didnt made another client yet as i wanted to fix our updater first so users dont have to re-download the full client everytime.
But i guess the new client is needed anyway, so , im getting right on that,
and will push the new client asap to our website/updater.

Keep an eye on the displayed client version on our download page.